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Social Package


These wonderful bit size creations are all freshly made to order and displayed on decorative platters.
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Here is an index to how much you may want to order for you event.

Happy hour cocktail party: 2-4 hours
Hors d’oeuvre per guest: 7-14
Cost per guest: $17.00 – $40.00

Pre-dinner hors d’oeuvre: 1-2 hours
Hors d’oeuvre per guest: 4-8
Cost per guest: $11.00 – $23.00

Hors d’oeuvre in lieu of dinner: 4-6 hours
Hors d’oeuvre per guest: 15-20
Cost per guest: $38.00 – $66.00

Cold Hor’doeuvres

Please note:
** Denotes on-site assembly preferred


**Seared Scallops ~
served on house made potato chips with mint fresh pea tapenade

**Shrimp Sunomono Salad ~
rice noodles with fresh shrimp, lemon and cucumber in a mirin wine vinaigrette served in individual china spoons

**Spicy Tuna Sashimi ~
Ahi tuna spiced and served in a crisp wonton cone with black sesame seeds

Nori Stacks ~
layers of nori, smoked salmon and rice topped with tobiko and pickled ginger

Smoked Trout ~
served on crisp yam cakes with house made cranberry chutney

**Seafood Ceviche ~
prawns, shrimp, scallops and squid in a Mediterranean marinated with orange and cilantro served in individual cosmopolitan shoot glasses

Shrimp Crepe Bundles ~
house made crepes filled with shrimp, lemon cream cheese and chives

Philyo Tulips ~
filled with smoked salmon mousse with thin ribbons of cucumber

JAG’S Signature Crab Cakes ~
fresh Dungeness crab cakes with a hint of spice in panko bread crumbs topped with ginger lime aioli

BC Wild Salmon Cakes ~
tender smoky flavor salmon cakes with a chipotle aioli

New Zealand Mussels ~
topped with a spiced gazpacho and fresh cilantro…very refreshing

Salmon Sashimi ~
marinated in a citrus ponzo sauce and then wrapped in ribbons of cucumber

Mini Bagels ~
served open faced with smoked salmon, thin red onion, capers and lemon cream cheese

Lemon Grass Prawns ~
skewered with fresh Thai basil and mango

Prawn Salad Rolls ~
filled with rice vermicelli noodles, prawns and julienne vegetables served with a Thai peanut dipping sauce

Seared Ahi Tuna ~
wonton crisp topped with edamame puree and marinated seared rare Ahi Tuna with wasabi Aioli

Meats & Poultry

Foccacia Sandwich Quarters ~
smoked chicken with Asiago cheese, pesto, thin red onion and organic greens

Carpaccio on Brioche ~
thin raw beef tenderloin with shaved Asiago fried caper, and a mustard aioli

Potato Cups ~
filled with smoked bacon and aged cheddar and fresh green onion

Ancho chili seared Chicken salad ~
on grilled cornbread with chipotle aioli

Truffle pancake ~
with thin raw tenderloin filled with mushroom duxcelle and goat cheese

Moroccan Glazed Pork ~
on yam cakes and topped with a Walla Walla onion relish and dried pineapple crisp

Crepe Bundle ~ stuffed with sweet curry chicken with raisins, celery and cilantro

Chicken & Basil Tortilla Roll ~
roasted chicken chopped with fresh basil pesto, grape tomatoes and wrapped and sliced

Jerk Chicken ~
served on crisp plantain chip with mango chutney

Bite Size Cheese Scones ~
with black forest ham, emmenthal cheese and organic greens

Truffle pancake ~
with peppercorn crusted strip lion with roasted grape tomato and crumbled blue cheese

Potato Cups ~
filled with crisp smoked bacon and shape cheddar topped with a dollop of sour cream

BBQ Tempura Beef Maki ~
maki roll with BBQ Beef then deep fried whole in tempura

Moo Shu five spiced Duck ~
with green onion bamboo shoots and Hoisin sauce

Noodle Box ~
with braised black bean chicken, green onion, red pepper and cilantro

Wonton Cone ~
filled with sweet teriyaki chicken

Salad Rolls ~
filled with ginger chicken and mandarin orange with Hoisin dipping sauce

Red Hot Chicken Maki ~
buffalo style chicken with avocado and green onion


Endive & Goat Cheese ~
quenelles of goat cheese with wine soaked cherries, ginger honey pecans and watercress

Endive & Goat Cheese ~
quenelles of goat cheese with chopped pistachio and dried apricots

Parmesan Taco shaped crisps ~
filled with mushroom duxcelle and chèvre and fresh arugula

Cherry Tomatoes ~
filled with couscous salad

Gazpacho ~
served in chilled cucumber cups

Salad Rolls ~
filled with rice noodles, Julianne vegetables and cilantro served with Thai peanut sauce

Parmesan Shortbread ~
with goat cheese and toasted pecans

Potato Cups ~
roasted tomatoes with feta and olives

Cocktail Bruschetta ~
with boccocini, grilled eggplant, fresh tomatoes and basil drizzled with a balsamic glaze

Endive & Poached Pear ~
with Cambozola crumble and arugula

Grilled Vegetable Panini ~
eggplant, zucchini, red peppers with brie and black olive tapenade

Marinated Mushroom Cup~
filled with an artichoke and fennel salad

Vegetarian Maki ~
with avocado, cucumber and asparagus with ginger aioli


Hot Hor’doeuvres

All made with care and fresh, natural ingredients.
Please note:
** require assembly and are not recommended for drop off orders
Most items can be served at room temperature



*Petit Croque Monsieur ~
mini black Forest ham and Jarlsberg cheese sandwiches with poached pear and grainy mustard

*Nouveau Escargots ~
served in toast cups with a rich garlic wine sauce topped with Brie

*Tex-Mex Wontons ~
filled with spiced ground Angus beef, sweet corn and cilantro served with BBQ sauce

*Molasses Glazed Cocktail Ribs ~
bite size bone in ribs roasted with a rich sweet red pepper molasses glaze

*Asian Meatballs ~
ground pork and sausage with ginger, spices and fresh cilantro served with a skewered snow pea

*Moroccan Meat Balls ~
ground lamb or beef with Harissia spice wrapped in lettuce with a dap of chili sauce

*Quesadillas ~
filled with pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese and flamed tomato salsa

**Tenderloin Beef in Miniature Yorkshire pudding ~
with creamed horseradish

*Lamb Chop Pops ~
crusted with fresh rosemary, Dijon, panko bread crumbs and garlic topped with lemon aioli

*Brioche with Braised Short Ribs ~
toasted brioche with Brie

*Miniature BBQ Beef Burgers ~
Jag’s signature burgers with smoked white cheddar and house made BBQ sauce

Miniature Peppered Beef Burgers ~
with crumbled blue cheese and arugula

*Quesadilla ~
filled with chipotle spiced beef tenderloin, fresh avocado and flame tomato salsa

*Beef Satay ~
served with a coconut Thai curry dipping sauce

Orange braised beef Spring Roll ~
with Thai noodle, green onion and red pepper


*Chicken & Wild Mushroom Wontons ~
with sweet and sour dipping sauce

*Sesame Chicken ~
crusted with roasted pecans served with honey infused mustard dip

*Tandoori Chicken Kebobs ~
with fresh mint raita

* Coconut Curry Chicken Kebobs ~
tender chicken crusted with coconut with mango crème fraiche dipping sauce

*Blackened Chicken and Beans Tostaditos ~
topped with crème fraiche and green onion

*Classic Red Hot Wings ~
with crumbled blue cheese dip

*Fresh Lemon and Cracked Pepper Wings ~
with kosher salt

*House Made Teriyaki Wings ~
with spicy peanut sauce

Miniature Peri Peri Chicken Burgers ~
tender thighs marinated in Peri Peri spices, served with avocado

Apricot Glazed Drumettes ~
chicken drumettes marinated then grilled in a sweet & spicy apricot glaze

Polenta Cup ~
filled with chanti braised chicken with Piave cheese

Blacken Chicken Quesadillas ~
with grilled red onion, fresh tomato and Monterey Jack cheese

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers ~
sweet soya marinated chicken thigh roasted then brushed with a rich teriyaki sauce skewer with green onion

Turkey Pot Pie ~
turkey breast with carrot and peas in a rich sage turkey gravy topped with a herb crust

Pistachio Crusted Chicken ~
cumin and orange scented chicken with a passion fruit dip

Caribbean Chicken Spring Roll ~
Jerk spiced chicken with julienne vegetables with passion fruit dip


Jalapeno Rice Cakes ~
topped with grilled rare Ahi tuna and cilantro aioli

Cedar Baked Salmon ~
brown sugar glazed wild sockeye salmon with tarragon mayonnaise and radish sprouts

Rosemary Prawns ~
roasted large prawn skewered with fresh rosemary and ginger aioli

Jaguar’s Signature Crab Cakes ~
served with chili lime aioli

**Saffron Mussels ~
served on garlic toast rounds

**Tempura Oysters ~
lightly battered pacific oyster served in the shell with a roasted red pepper Beurre Blanc

Tiger Prawns ~
roasted large prawns filled with Dungeness crab salad and topped with Ancho chili mayonnaise

**Scallop and Pear ~
braised scallops topped with a citrus vanilla poached pear served with sweet curry sauce in a china spoon

Hand Wrapped Prawn Spring Rolls ~
served with sweet and sour chili sauce

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps ~
mushrooms filled with crab and cream cheese with scallions then topped with shredded parmesan

Shrimp Quesadillas ~
black beans roasted peppers and Fontina cheese

Smoked bacon Scallops ~
dusted with brown sugar and served with our own cocktail sauce

Scallop BLT ~
seared scallops with pancetta bacon, roasted tomato with chipotle aioli and radish sprouts




*Eggplant Crisps ~
panko crusted eggplant rounds topped with roasted tomatoes, boccocini and fresh basil

Stuffed Mushrooms ~
with sautéed fennel and leek and goat cheese

Eggplant Fritters ~
with eggplant, peppers, chick peas, zucchini mixed with array of spices served with mango chutney

*Cocktail Gourmet Pizza ~
grilled pizza crust with tomatoes, feta and black olives

*Polenta Stuffed Mushrooms ~
with shaved Asiago cheese

Butternut Squash Sip ~
served in individual china sipping cups topped with toasted pumpkin seeds

Mini Quiche Tartlets ~
filled with leek and feta or tomato basil and olive

Mac & Cheese Croquettes ~
with a spicy marinara sauce

Margherita Pizza ~
served on grilled pizza dough with fresh boccocini and basil and house made smoked Marinara sauce

Spinach & Feta Triangles ~
philyo pastry filled with spinach and crumbled feta with a hint of nutmeg

Wild Mushroom Savory Pastry ~
puff pastry with Marsala cream sauce and fresh thyme

Risotto Parmesan Balls ~
infused with Fontina cheese and basil

Potato & Onion Cakes ~
with apple & fig chutney


All dips served with house made spiced pita chips or tortilla chips
Black Bean Goat Cheese Dip ~
with toasted cumin and cilantro

Hot Crab and Cream Cheese Dip ~
with sharp cheddar

Roasted Tomato and Red Onion Salsa ~
with balsamic syrup

Smoked Salmon Dip ~
with fresh horseradish and lemon

Warm Spinach Dip ~
with artichoke and Monterey Jack cheese

Hummus ~
with fresh cilantro and lime

Guacamole ~
with fresh tomato, cilantro and garlic

Hors D’oeuvre Platters

Antipasto Platter ~
balsamic grilled eggplant, peppers, zucchini, Italian cheeses and meats, olives, marinated artichoke, served with house-made focaccia

Deluxe Antipasto Platter ~
balsamic grilled peppers, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, fennel, prosciutto wrapped melon, marinated shrimp, mussels on the half shell, crispy Asiago chips, roasted mushroom caps stuffed with white beans and sun-dried tomatoes served with house-made focaccia

Vegetarian Antipasto Platter ~
balsamic grilled vegetables, marinated artichokes, Italian cheeses, fire-roasted tomato salsa, Parmesan crisps, olives and caper berries served with house-made focaccia

Whole Wheel Camembert ~
topped with chopped ginger pecans, Bourbon maple sugar served warm with baguette and crackers

Whole Wheel Brie ~
topped with poached pear and fresh thyme served warm with terra olive bread and crackers

Whole Wheel Camembert ~
topped with our house made Cranberry pineapple chutney, walnuts and port wine served warm with baguette and crackers

Charcuterie Board ~
pâté, prosciutto, chorizo sausage, BC sausages and Capicolla ham served with our house made cranberry pineapple chutneys, grainy mustard and baguette

Deluxe Seafood Platter ~
mussels on the half shell, prawns with house-made cocktail sauce, jumbo scallops with sun-dried tomato, house cured Gravlox salmon with watercress caper aioli and marinated Squid in Mediterranean herbs and citrus

Gravlox ~
in house cured salmon with vodka fresh dill and kosher salt served with lemon olive oil dressing, caper berries, cream cheese and fresh baguettes with rye bread

Domestic Cheese Board ~
a selection of cheddar, Jalapeño Havarti, Monterey Jack and Brie cheeses served with baguettes and crackers

Domestic Cheese and Fresh Fruit ~
selection of cheeses including cheddar, Jalapeño Havarti, Monterey Jack and Brie and fresh seasonal fruit served with baguette and crackers

International Cheese Board ~
a selection of fine imported cheeses, which may include Brie, aged Gouda, Boursin, applewood smoked cheddar, Cambozola and Danish blue cheeses served with baguette, assorted crackers and dried fruit

International Cheese and Fresh Fruit ~
a selection of fine imported cheeses, which may include Brie, aged Gouda, Boursin, applewood smoked cheddar, Cambozola and Danish blue cheeses and fresh seasonal fruit served with baguette, assorted crackers

Roast Pork Loin Platter ~
herb and pepper crusted loin with grainy mustard and house-made cranberry pineapple chutney served with baguettes and Parmesan shallot scones

Gourmet Roast Meat Platter ~
turkey breast, Black Forest ham, Genoa salami, garlic crusted roast beef, Capicolla and prosciutto served with cranberry pineapple chutney, grainy mustard, horseradish with assorted pickled olives & pickles and crusty country rolls

Meats and Cheeses ~
smoked turkey breast, Black Forest ham, garlic roast beef, wine-cured salami, cheddar, Edam, Monterey Jack and Havarti cheeses served with pickles, gourmet mustard, baguette and crackers

Market Vegetable Platter ~
carrots, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers and cheery tomatoes

Deluxe Market Vegetable Platter ~
carrots, celery, asparagus, grape tomatoes, snap peas, green beans and yellow & red peppers

Marinated Feta and Chèvre ~
with Olives and Almonds dried apricots, figs, and herb scented olives served with Terra walnut bread and crusty baguette

You can choose à la Carte, a complete custom menu or one of our varied and perfectly prepared Buffets. Whatever your taste JAG Catering ensures satisfied appetites! Click your choice below to see all the options.
thinner-dinner-entrees The choice is yours:
poultry, seafood, meat, pasta, vegetarian. All prepared with passion for excellent food. Click here for all the delicious details.
A buffet done JAG Catering style is not only beautiful in presentation and sublime in taste and variety; it’s a great way to get all your guests mingling.
Please keep in mind that these are suggestions only – any item may be changed to suit your taste or budget.

Special theme buffets are also available.

Hot or cold pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres may be added to any of these menus – choose from our extensive list.